Stax Music Academy now offering Stax 101 Beginner Lessons

  Have you ever wanted to learn to play an instrument? Well, NOW is the TIME. Stax 101, generously funded by the Memphis Music Initiative, is a beginner lessons program that seeks 5th-9th grade students who are interested in learning the piano, lead guitar, and bass guitar. The instruction lasts over the course of a […]
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Now Accepting Performance Requests!

SMA Ensembles begin their season in October — check out “the Sound / Ensembles” to request a performance for your event today!


MUSIC OF THE MOVEMENT: Stax Music Academy Black History Month Show February 28, 2018

MLK, WDIA, & THE SOUNDS OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS ERA The year was 1968. Memphis, Tennessee and, indeed, much of the United States, were embroiled in one of the most turbulent times in American history. Black Americans were at the zenith of the Civil Rights Movement, fighting for equality, respect, unions, fair labor and voting […]
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